Fiat Cr.42 Falco
Magyar Kiralyi Honved Legiero - Royal Hungarian Air force

Model by Pietro Zazzetta
Textures by Alessandro Biagi
Flight Model by Bill Wilson (AvHistory)

Download and install the shared file first, then the airplane file

Shared Files - 7.344 KB
You need AvHistory Weapons Pack (find it at )and Nation Expansion Kit (find it at Netwings ) Installed.
Hi resolution option. We are providing also a 2048x2048 main texture to be used with hi-end computer. The texture is not barely resized, but optimized, with all the "sharp" items, like panel lines, insignia and such, newly made. You can switch between high and low resolution textures with the MAW resol.exe program.
Fiat CR 42
2/3Vadasz Szadad 'Ricsi' - 2/II Vadasz Osztaly
Koloszvar - May 1941
Fiat CR 42
5/1 Vadasz Szadad - 5/I Vadasz Osztaly
Night Fighter duties, 1941

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Fiat CR 42
1/3Vadasz Szadad 'Kor Asz' - 1/II Vadasz Osztaly
Matyasfoeld - December 1939

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Fiat CR 42
5/1 Vadasz Szadad - 5/I Vadasz Osztal
Matyasfoeld, April 1942

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Fiat CR 42
1/4 Vadasz Szadad 'Szent Gyorgy'
Matyasfoeld - December 1940

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