Junkers Ju 88A-4 - Regia Aeronautica
Nucleo Speciale Addestramento Bimotori - Forlì, 1943

Microsoft stock plane with new textures and changed file names to work as stand alone plane. New landing gear, dive brakes and many other refinements by Luca Festari. Texture by Alessandro Biagi. New Italian bomb set by Mathias Pommerien modified by Luca Festari. Airfile by Bill "Spitfrnd" Wilson of 1% AvHistory Group.

The new Regia Aeronautica bombs: 640 Kg., 500 Kg., 250 Kg and 100 Kg. (not depicted).

640 Kg.
250 Kg.
500 Kg.
Some new items and refinements

Dive brakes

Entry hatch
Landing Gear