Reggiane Re. 2005 "Sagittario"

3d Models by Luca Festari - Textures by Alessandro Biagi - Flight model by Bill Wilson using Flight Model Workbook V2.85.09.
A great contribute from:
Giovanni "Nanni" Cignoni - The majority of the intrument gauges.
Mathias Pommerien - Lot of tips and correction of some problems.
Graham - Great help in learning gMax mapping.
Luciano Tedeschi - Lot of help in the research process.

Much Important
Download and istall the shared file first, then the airplane file. This aircraft needs the following add-on to work, all available through the internet, which are:
a) AvHystory Guns and Weapons Pack:
b) Ground Crew Shared files:
c) Nationality Expansion Pack Redux Version: available at in t
he dowload section

Shared file 2.906 KB

Low resolution option
We are providing also a 1024x1024 main texture to be used with low-end computer. The texture is not barely rsized, but optimized, with all the "sharp" items, like panel lines, insignia and such, newly made.
Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana
MM. 092352- Reparto Aereo Collegamento del Sottosegretariato
Aeronautica, Bresso, Italy, March 1944
Regia Aeronautica
MM. 092351- 362a Squadriglia, Napoli-Capodichino, Italy, 1943
Luftdienst Kommando Italien, Maniago, Italy, Feb. 1944
Cockpit images
Damage images